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The East Texas Natural History Collection


ETNHC Collaborators are individuals who work with us in the field. In some cases we are assisting them in their research projects. Some individuals listed here assist us by working with our various collections within the Museum.

Dr. George Avery
Archaeology Laboratory Director


B.A.; Anthropology; Marquette University;
M.A.; Anthropology; Southern Illinois University at Carbondale;
Ph.D.; Anthropology; University of Florida;


Cultural Heritage Resource Coordinator       

Editor, Caddo Journal
Dept. of Social and Cultural Analysis
Stephen F. Austion State University 


Areas of Interest:

Historical archaeology, Spanish Colonial archaeology, Ceramic technology, Mississippian Period in the Southeastern United States, Cultural Resources Management

Dr. M. Brooke Byerly

Editor, Botanist, & Living Roof Coordinator

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Ph.D.; Botany; Colorado State University, 2006;
B.S.; Biology; Southwestern University, 2000;


Brooke earned a Ph.D. in Botany from Colorado State University, where she studied floral morphology and evolution in the genus Phlox (Polemoniaceae) and the impacts of native and invasive ant-plant interactions. She joined BRIT in 2007 and is currently working with BRIT Press to help edit and publish the Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas as well as various book projects. Brooke's research interests include the biogeography of Texas ferns and lycophytes, the ecological benefits and long-term viability of BRIT’s living roof, and plant succession relative to shifting cultivation practices in Southeast Asia. In her free time, she enjoys collecting plants from the Rolling Plains region near Scurry County, Texas. 

Dr. Leslie Cecil
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Stephen F. Austiun STate University

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University; 


Areas of Interest:

Latin American Archaeology, Guatemala 

Adam Cohen

Collections Manager - Icthyology

University of Texas, Austin
Texas Memorial Museum, College of Natural Sciences

Specialties: Icthyological Curation Management and Field Collecting Techniques

Dr. Nancy Greig
Director of the Cockrell Butterfly Center
Houston Museum of Natural Science

B.A.; Linguistics;University of Texas, Austin 

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences;University of Texas, Austin 

Areas of Interest:
Dr. Greig is a botanist and entomologist, with a specialty in the interaction between insects, especially butterflies, and plants. She can speak knowledgeably on a variety of subjects, such as butterflies and butterfly gardening, the monarch butterfly migration, pollinating insects, insects in general, tropical plants and their adaptations, and plant ecology in general. 

Dr. Greig recently completed a major renovation of the Museum’s Cockrell Butterfly Center, which transformed the current Live Insect Zoo and Brown Hall of Entomology into an integrated Insect Wing, making the exhibit spaces more kid-friendly and interactive.

Dr. Dean Hendrickson

Lecturer - University of Texas - Austin

School of Biological Sciences
Curator, Texas Memorial Museum,
Texas Natural History Collections


Research: My research focuses on conservation, ecology, evolution and biogeography of freshwater ecosystems, particularly those of North American deserts.

Robert J. "Bob" O'Kennon
Resident Research Assocaite -

B.A. in Business Administration, Duke University 


Bob is co-author of both the Shinners and Mahler's Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas and the upcoming Illustrated Flora of East Texas, as well as the Flora and Natural History of Gillespie County, Texas.  In addition, Bob is collaborating with James B. Phipps of the University of Western Ontario to publish a field guide to the hawthorns (Crataegus, Rosaceae) of the world.  


Besides maintaining an extensive database on the flora of Texas, Bob has carried out fieldwork in Asia, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Mexico.


Dr. Richard  Peigler

Professor of Biology

University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio

B.S., Horticulture Clemson University,

M.A., Agricultural Education,Clemson University

Ph.D., Entomology, Texas A&M University


Current Focus:
Dr. Peigler's research interests focus primarily on taxonomy, phylogeny, and biology of wild silkmoths (Family Saturniidae) of the world, particularly ones from eastern Asia and North America. He is currently working with DNA (nuclear and mitochondrial) of moths in the genera Hemileuca and Anisota (both in Saturniidae), to elucidate species boundaries and phylogeny within these groups.

The Staff at ETNHC are assisting Dr. Peigler by collecting Hemileuca and Anisota specimens this fall for an ongoing research project.

Tiana Franklin Rehman

Herbarium Collections Manager

The Botanical Research Institute of Texas


M.S. in Environmental Science, Texas Christian University

B.S. in Environmental Science, Southern Methodist University
B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, Southern Methodist University


Tiana joined the BRIT staff on August 1, 2003, as Collections Assistant in the BRIT Herbarium. Curatorial duties include filing, mounting, assisting with volunteers, and managing the various exchange and gift material that BRIT receives and sends out. Also included in her duties are the maintenance of exchange databases, as well as other records, and assisting with volunteers, educational programs, research, and publications.

Jason R. Singhurst

Plant Ecologist/Botanist for TPWD’s Wildlife Diversity Program

Texas Parks and Widlife Department



B.S., Agricultural Science; Stephen F. Austin State University; 

M.S., Agricultural Science; Stephen F. Austin State University;

He has conducted field research on vegetation ecology of the West Gulf Coastal Plain for the past 14 years. His expertise includes natural areas inventory, plant community ecology, and plant taxonomy. He has served as a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department botanist/ecologist in Texas for the past 13 years. He has extensive field knowledge with rare plant species in eastern and central Texas. He has authored or co-authored over 40 scientific publications and in 2007 co-authored a book on Rare Plants of Texas. He has described two plant species new to science that are endemic (restricted) to Texas.  

Farrar Stockton
Assistant Curator of Entomology

Houston Museum of Natural Science


President,  Butterfly Enthusiasts of Southeast Texas
Houston, TX

Guest lecturer; Photographer

Special Interests:  Raising and releasing native Lepidoptera, Public Education,

Digital Photography.

John Tutor

Board of Directors for Franklin County Historical Society (Term thru 2015) 

2012 Research Associate in Paleontology

John Tutor is a devoted fossil collector and expert on the fossils of the Sulphur River. His collections of Cretaceous fossils from the Sulphur and other areas of NE Texas are on deposit at the ETNH. They include a good representation of Moasaur bones.

John Tutor worked at the Dallas Museum of Natural History until retirement in Mount Vernon, Texas where he works heavily with the Franklin County Historical Society museums.

East Texas Fossils and Paleontology

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