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Dr. Bruce Walsh Collecting at an undisclosed location - Arizona 2004

Monday, June 10, 2013

Robert J. "Bob" Nuelle, Jr.
Research Associate

Robert and I both have a dream location for Moth Collecting. It is in South Eastern Arizona in the High Desert during the annual Mexican Monsoon. We have been privileged to visit the area 4 times in our lives usually in the last week of July - First week of August - because it is then that the Moth populations explode into dizzying clouds of amazing colored beauty. It is only during a brief 2 week period when the Moth population becomes the dominant life force in the area - Giant Silk Worm Moths and Sphingids are everywhere and in numbers that are hard to believe.


We have also been fortunate to become friends with some of the pioneers of SE AZ Monsoon

Mothing - Dr. Bruce Walsh, Mr. Howard Byrne, Mr. Bill Mooney, Mr. Nate Gibson, Mr. Dave Wikle and of course Dr. Ray Nagle. These are the experts in this area and they have been so generous to share their spots, techniques and surplus specimens with us.

The Mexican Monsoon - Copper Canyon, AZ 2004 Copyright by Robert J. Nuelle, Jr.

Today I came across an article about Dr. Ray Nagle - Micro Lepidopterist (Specialist in very small moths) and it reminded me how generous is the community of experts in this field. Dr. Nagle and his associate John Palting, a Ph.D. candidate in entomology at the University of Arizona have been collecting together for over 30 years and they are mapping the lepidopteran fauna of Arizona in a significant fashion. These are two giants doing amazing work with some of the smallest moths in existence. I hope we have the chance to bump into them in the field next time we are in Arizona -- that would be a mercury vapor enhanced experience I would love to have.


You should take the time to read this amazing Blog entry and watch the video as well.


The Blog Entry: Scientific American Blog - The Moth Hunters



Bob Nuelle, Jr. Hanging out with 6 large Sphinx Moths at Box Canyon, Arizona 2004 Copyright by Robert J. Nuelle, Jr.



If you want to experience the amazing Joy and wonder of Moth Hunting please come join us at our July 19 & 20th National Moth Week Lighting Events.


More detail to come on this blog.


We would love to have you - your class (home schoolers are welcome).


The event will be held from dusk to Midnight on 2 consecutive nights and all are welcome.


The events are sponsored by the East Texas Natural History Collection at Jarvis Christian College under the auspices of Dr. Will Godwin and Dr. James Goodwin.

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