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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Jarvis Summer Field School

National Science Foundation Summer Science Institute...


Field Methods for Environmental Science


Sections for high school early credit and transfer college students


We have been busy creating a new museum based field school here at Jarvis in the East Texas Natural History Collection. Our funding came through rather quickly and unexpectedly to teach this field methods course this summer. We are basing it in Environmental Science courses and practical experience that will produce a poster or perhaps even a publication for students.

Please download and read our brochure by clicking here

Tuition, room and board are covered and even small stipends available to cover the student expenses. Here is a link to the Poster file - please distribute it, post it and use it to get student interest.


The NSF Summer Science Institute classes run from June 9 - July 18, 2013.


We have four excellent faculty members who will be joining us for this six week course.

Dr. William Godwin
Associate Professor, Curator ETNH, Jarvis Christian College

Education: B.S., Stephen F. Austin State U., PhD, Texas A&M U.

Research: Insects of East Texas, endemic scarab beetles. Facilitating access by a wide variety of re-searchers to unusual habitats of East Texas; managing the East Texas Natural History Collection.


Dr. David Cole
Senior Fisheries Biologist, Cirrus Ecological Solutions
EDucation: B.A. Minnesota State U. ; M.S., Ph.D., Utah State U.

Research: All aspects of fish studies related to management of dams in the western U.S. and specifically management of the endangered June Sucker in the Jordan and Provo Rivers, Utah. Electrofishing, telemetry, population estimation.


Ms. Melissa Patterson
Intern, Education Department, Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Education: B.S., Texas State U.; M.S., California State U. Chico; PhD candidate Texas Christian U.

Research: Rare plant conservation; habitat, germination and population genetics of endemic plants. Experience producing field guides to plants and teaching botanical terminology, and construction of dichotomous keys. Field guides are a valuable resource for research scien-tists and students. Plant identification is an important job skill in many environmental science professions.


Ms. Antoinesha Hollman
Instructor, Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Jackson State U. Mississippi.

Education: B.S., M.S .Jackson State.

Research: Bioinformatics data management for biological systems and modeling in microbiology.


Dr. Alice Hempel
Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco ISD

Research: Botany, specifically plants of arid lands and those adapted to unusual soil conditions. Plants of saline prairies in eastern Texas are especially interesting because of their endemism and potential for phyto-remediation projects repairing industrial sites.

The focus of the Summer Field school will be the unusual saline prairies and their associated wetlands in Wood County.


We will have a whole host of our East Texas Natural History Collection Research Associates who will come to give talks, conduct workshops or collect data on their research projects. Students will be offered the chance to assist and learn as a part of the program.

Please send a link to any students you know who desire credit/experience in these fields. The program offers


6 hours college credit in ENVR 1401 and BIOL 4491 for early admission high school
(in separate cohort) Or currently enrolled college students (Junior - Senior standing) who can transfer credit back home.

You can download the application form here. Application Form - Download

For More Information Please contact:

Dr. William Godwin

Curator, East Texas Natural History Collection

Director of NSF Summer Science Institute

Jarvis Christian College

Hawkins, Texas


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