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Conservation Issues in the Peruvian Amazon Rain Forest

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dr. John P. Janovec enlightens Jarvis students, faculty and community members about the Peruvian Amazon's conservation issues.

HAWKINS – Dr. John P. Janovec presented the most recent news about conservation issues in the Peruvian Amazon to about 40 Jarvis Christian College students, faculty and community members on Saturday night in the East Texas Natural History Museum on campus.

Dr. Janovec has lived and worked in southern Peru as a botanist for about 12 years. Until recently he was head of the “Andes to the Amazon” biodiversity project for the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) in Fort Worth. His work has been funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Amazon Conservation Association and the World Wildlife Fund. He has returned to Texas for a brief time to complete work at BRIT’s large collection of plants in Fort Worth.
The current gold-rush in the Madre de Dios region of Peru was a major topic of the presentation.

Dr. Janovec explained how devaluation of the dollar and the rush to investing in commodities like oil and gold has had dramatic effects on the Amazonian region.  Janovec also gave brief accounts of student projects that he has guided for graduate students at TCU, Texas A&M and Sam Houston State. These included radio tracking tapirs, surveying the hawk moths of the region and developing sustainable agriculture.

“We have some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet sitting on top some of the richest deposits of gold. Now we see large stretches of land mined-out in months and big areas that were pristine five years ago are changing rapidly,” Janovec said.
Dr. William Godwin, ETNH Curator, said that Jarvis students were extremely fortunate to get a first-hand account by a person so close to the new issues. 
“Just last week Dr. Janovec was reporting to Peru’s equivalent of our Secretary of the Interior in Lima on these issues and in a little while he will be back in the jungles and swamps collecting more data. We are lucky to get an experience like this for the Jarvis students and the community. I mean, usually Dr. Janovec goes straight from the airport to a boardroom in downtown Fort Worth to give these reports,” said Godwin.  
Jeremy Derrico, Detroit freshman at Jarvis, said he was impressed with information about changes going on in the Amazon and seeing how Janovec’s students are working on projects there. “I just might change my major,” said Derrico.
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