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The 2nd Annual National Moth Week Lighting Events

Luna Moth - Actias luna Copyright 2013 by rjnjr. All rights reserved

Robert J. "Bob" Nuelle, Jr.

Research Associate

June 12, 2013


The ETNHC National Moth Week Lighting Events:


In conjunction with the National Moth Week Organization we will be hosting 2 Public Lighting events in July. We will be having these events Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th. This will be our Second year participating with this organization. See our entry from last year - LINK


This year we will be lighting on the Jarvis Campus - most likely down on the Goodwin Boardwalk. We will be conducting these events as open events for the general public and all are invited.

We are particularly interested in having some assistance in cataloging (photographically and on paper) the various species that come in to our lit sheets. We will be submitting our records to several organizations (Moth Photographers Group and the National Moth Week Organization) and anyone assisting us will receive credit on those submissions.


Events will begin about 5:00 with tours of the ETNHC and a short program at the ETNHC Museum at 6:00 PM. The lighting will begin promptly at 7:00 and will last until Midnight or later.

We will have some special guests to speak to the group which may include Dr. Will Godwin, Dr. James Goodwin and possibly Dr. Igor Ignatov. This would be an excellent event for Home Schoolers or young children interested in Insects or Natural History studies.

Jarvis Students Moth Lighting on the Goodwin Boardwalk.

Some Hints:


1) Please dress in dark clothing as lighter colors reflect light and will make you very inviting to the hundreds or thousands of insects that we are attracting.


2) Cameras are permitted and you should bring some water to drink as the evening can be pretty warm.


3) We will have maps available at the Main Campus entrance Guard house off Highway 80 near Hawkins, Texas.


4) A small personal flashlight would be a handy thing to have as well.

If you have never experienced the beauty of East Texas late at night - this is the event for you!


Bob Nuelle, Jr.

Research Associate - Entomology
East Texas Natural History Collection at Jarvis Christian College

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