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The East Texas Natural History Collection
Bob Nuelle, Jr. with multiple moths Box Canyon, AZ - 2004

September 1, 2012


My First Post


The East Texas Natural History Collection at Jarvis Christian College


Welcome to this amazing place - Just outside Hawkins, Texas on the campus of Jarvis Christian College.


We were honored to be asked by Dr. Will Godwin to become Research Associates. My son, Robert J. Nuelle, III and I both gladly accepted and we have been going strong ever since. Our involvement with this fresh idea in regional Natural History Centers involves active research, expeditions, community outreach, education and the curation of our collection of Lepidoptera - Butterflies and Moths.

Robert Nuelle, III Collecting on the Jarvis Campus.
My son Robert and I have placed most of our collection of Lepidoptera with the ETNHC on a special loan agreement. That is one of the great things about the ETNHC, collections can be placed here for study and research. Our holdings will form the basis of a good start in the area of Texas Butterflies and Moths and joins other amazing collections like Dr Godwin's Coleoptera - Beetles and Dr. James Goodwin's Tabanidae - Horseflies. There are thousands of amazing plant specimens here within the collection and a team of awesome botanists with the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) are also partners here.


We are just getting started! Dr. Godwin and Dr. Goodwin oversee the staff and Research Associates here and they are working tirelessly to bring on new contributors, collections and most importantly evangelists.


The cooperation between the groups is so valuable - the Entomologists learn more about Plants and the Botanists learn more about Insects, and we all learn about geography and habitat. You could not design a better environment for collaboration. We are evangelists for the amazing diversity in ecological unique habitats here in North East Texas. There are some really unique areas that deserve to be better studied and documented - and the ETNHC is all about calling attention to them and encouraging researchers to come and study these areas.


I will be posting on a lot of different things - so please stay connected - lots of great stuff coming.


Bob Nuelle, Jr.

Research Associate
East Texas Natural History Collection

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